Game of Thrones: Red Wedding Reaction

Seriously… WTH! I have not read the books. Honestly… I didnt even realize there were books till this episode. But on a side note… I now officially want to read the books now. Or at least read up till this point of the show. But forget about that for now…

WHAT THE HECK! Seriously! Who am I supposed to cheer for! Dont get me wrong…

there are still plenty, but House Stark is certainly in trouble. Its been a while where there has been a show that has literally shown no mercy to its story. Im trying to think of a show where events like this come close and all Ican think of is Dexter. And I dont even think that comes close at all! To me… House Stark is the good guys, and House Lannister is the bad guys. So as of right now… you have a handful of characters now that you care about.

Jon Snow


Id include Sansa in the list… but she seems she has always been one foot out the door since the story began, but speaking of Sansa. Now… there is one little soul on the Lannister side that has it right. Tyrion. Im curious to see what happens with him. Him and Snow are probably my two favorite characters in this whole show. To see something happen to them… well… crap. LOL

But now… did I like the little twist from the Wedding episode. Yes. I loved it. I think even though House Stark is in dire trouble, that it makes for great story telling. Im tired of stories where you have 10 good guys, and 10 bad guys and all of the bad guys die, and all 10 good guys live. A story like this… where is actually tests to see how much invested are they in the story does not come often. Too many people play it safe. I think Game of Thrones just payed off. I applaud them for taking the risk. Sticking with the book, and even TAKING IT UP A NOTCH with that first kill. That takes guts. No pun intended… dont want blasted for being rude or mean or… well… idc… LOL.

But for those who dont watch the show… like my wife… my reaction was a bit like above in the YouTube video. So enjoy!

Im on Skype now

I am officially on Skype now. Its more for talking to my wife while she is away, but thought I might as well add it here in case anyone else wants to hit me up. So if your bored… just come on my Blog and see if im available and hit me up! I have links on the side!

Simon Pegg Talks Star Wars – IGN

There was an article I ran into today from IGN regarding the upcoming Star Wars movies that in a way made sense… but also didn’t. Here is the excerpt from the article:


“What will he bring to the franchise? Everything that was missing from the last three,” enthuses Pegg in the latest issue of Total Film. That’s what he did to Star Trek, really – invigorate it with a little bit of Star Wars magic. He switched it from science-fiction to science-fantasy.”Pegg goes on to describe Star Wars as being in a “mire,” and stresses that Abrams is the man to “pull it out.”“He’ll bring the fun back. Lucas seemed to misread what made the first ones great, and concentrate on things that people didnt really care about, or wilfully ignore the things that people cared about. Whereas J.J. will embrace them all.

via Simon Pegg Talks Star Wars – IGN.


Ok. Hang with me here before the flames start coming. I am going to talk about both sides of this. While a lot of Star Wars fans almost say that Episodes 1-3 should almost be struck from the record, that Jar Jar needs to be stricken from the movies, and that the whiny little brat that would soon become the most feared villain in the universe was portrayed wrong.

Now dont get me wrong. I agree with most of these statements. I did enjoy the 3 films though. Yes… the boy was annoying. Yes… I think Jar Jar should be struck down with a light saber. But who are we to say these movies should had been different?

George Lucas said he had an outline for these on a napkin. He knew in his head what he wanted to do with his movies. Note the key word in that sentence. “His”. Why should Lucas cater to us? The fan base. This was his baby. It would be like us telling someone how to raise their kids? Yeah… we might think they could do something different, but when its all said and done… our opinion doesnt matter.

Now… I wish Lucas would had listened more to the fan feedback. He started to near the end, but to promote Jar Jar to such a high level? Really? Thats how you want to get rid of him for us? But in all… it doesnt matter. Lucas wanted to make what he wanted and he did it.

Now that Disney owns Star Wars… we will get what we want. They will listen to us. With Abrams behind this next one. Were going to get that Star Wars feelings back and im excited about that. But I honestly think we have no right to tell Lucas he did it wrong. It was his brainchild. His universe. But now he has handed over the reigns and now the fans should be able to get what they want.

Personally im holding out for the ORIGINAL Episodes 4-6 without the tampering from Lucas in HD… heh

Believe it or not… People are listening

Today I experienced something very interesting. But I will start with when I was getting gas this morning. So I get out of my car, swipe my card, pick the gas, and then start pumping my truck up. I then see the person who works there walking up to me. She says happy valentines day and hands me a mint. I found this very nice and thoughtful.

So there is a bit of background. So when I was checking out at target the cashier tells me to have a nice day. So I then returned back a happy valentines days. She seems to feel very appreciative of the small comment. But here is the interesting thing. Behind me was this lady and she then says to the cashier “I have not hear one person today say happy valentines day to anyone. That was a special moment”.

I guess the thing that got me was she hadn’t been wished it. So if your out and about. Hold a door open or do something small and wish them Happy Valentines day. Just do something nice for someone else. It could make there day.