About Myself

SupWell… lets see. About myself huh? Father of 2 great kid. Husband to an awesome wife. What more could you really ask for out of life? But it doesn’t stop there which is hard to believe. I get to play guitar in two bands. One is the praise and worship contemporary band at Peace United Methodist Church¬†where I also play Bass and Drums. The other is a band called D2B, or the long version… Determined to Be and I just play guitar in that one.¬†Other hobbies I have on my spare time are movies, tv shows, games, being depressed as a Blue Jackets fan… that one takes a lot of commitment!

Besides doing this… I’m on Facebook and Twitter because only the cool people hit both of those wonderful social websites!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WilliamMason
Twitter: http://twitter.com/WilliamMase 

So there ya have it.


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