So… I’m sitting here in my Explorer while my wife is in Archivers here at Easton. I was going to blog about hobbies. But something got my attention. Tourists.

You really either A. Don’t see them here at Easton or B. you don’t notice them because they blend in with the norm. But what I saw I hadnt seen since Disney World!

Family of four gets out of a little white car. Actually… At first all I see is the three. Mom and two daughters. Then… Dad pops out. He gets out of the car with a camera that reminds me of what you would see on the sidelines of sports games. You know those cameras. HUGE lens that extends farther than their own body. This guy emerges from this little white car with this camera that is probably as tall as him. He is also utilizing the latest in camera backpack accessories as well. The guy looked like he was ready to photograph the President.

But alas. He was taking pictures of like Archivers. Trader Joes. Vitamin World. Those are going to be amazing logo pictures I tell ya. This all lasted less than I could type this. I had only gotten to the part of this blog where I said I had only seen the Mom and two daughters appear. Not even 10 minutes. Poor guy was still snapping away when the daughters screamed for him to hurry up. Because I assume more shopping was needed. I also think the poor guy sat in the back and the Mom drove. Not saying anything bad about it. But you can tell who rules that household!

But back to the topic. I hadn’t seen anything like that since Disney. So I was just surprised. I guess the kicker of it all was that they had Ohio plates. And it wasn’t a rental.

So wife just opened up the door. So for now. I am done! Heh

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