Today + 3 Years

Wow…. just over 3 years it’s been since I’ve used this. 3 years a lot has changed. Divorced. Gained a pup. Closer to both my children. Have an amazing job. Play a game that has gained me friends. Friends that even though I have not met in person… I consider really close. But one thing hasn’t changed. I’m still the same and that is not a bad thing.

Some of my goals I use to have were always put on the back burner, because the person I was supposed to trust didn’t believe in them. I need to get back to writing. Whether it was music or poetry or even short stories. That. That right there were things I put to the side. Should I have? I don’t know. But I want them back.

First. I need to get back in the Mode. This platform. This is where I’ll start. I’m going to write. Right here. My stage. My show. Tobymac wrote it best:

If you wanna steal my show
I’ll sit back and watch you go
If you got something to say
Go on and take it away
Need you to steal my show
Can’t wait to watch you go oh oh oh
So take it away

I have something to say. I need take it away. Things change. Time to start something new.


Today is here. Today is now. Today is in the moment. Thus the moment is now. Count your blessing. Hug your loves. Today is here but tomorrow may not.

2 thoughts on “Today + 3 Years

  1. And I’m totally jealous of your job. Not that I don’t have a similar one..just that mine doesn’t pay so I still have to have a regular one lol

    Looking forward to reading more posts from you!

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