October 31st. Halloween.


For me this is my favorite holiday and in all honest it’s one that I don’t really celebrate that much. Don’t get me wrong. My wife and I will walk to kids around so they can get their hands on the good sweetie goodness that is the sugar high but other than that… No Halloween parties. I don’t really dress up anymore but yet… Halloween is one of the coolest days to celebrate.


Now… Don’t go all crazy because I said celebrate. It’s not like I grab my cauldron and broom stick and a handful of eye of newt. No. It’s just a nice holiday where if you wanted… You can be someone else and get sugar for it. You can be on the naughty list and still get stuff! And it’s almost like you should to. No candy? Get a pranky. That really doesn’t go on too much anymore. But maybe it should come back?


Jess and I were taking our kids out for trick or treating tonight and it seems like less and less people hand out candy. Most places the kids went to we’re given handfuls of candy because even not many kids were even out. Let me break it down for ya… We only saw two Elsa costumes. For a popular costume and character… Only two. I’m thinking more and more people are not wanting to celebrate this holiday. I know some religions think it’s the Devils night. But it’s trick or treating. It’s cool.


Maybe this was just where we went… Maybe other places are better. But I’m going to wrap this up with this statement. If ya got one more day? As in Friday you could trick or treat? Go do it. It’s fun.


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