Story Idea

I had a crazy dream last night and when I do I try to write them down. I write it down and ended up liking some of the concepts of it so I turned it into a story idea. Let me know what you think. I can go further into detail if needed and names of places and things are not forged in stone.

Story idea

Human race has been annihilated after a gruesome war with an alien race. We won. But the casulties were high. The remaining humans now live on neo earth, a space station in space above earth. To generate the power humans use children to use as energy to power.the station. Children are use because they are able to generate blood and recover faster than adults. This though is not a known fact because the neo government kidnaps the children. The general public believes a group calling themselves The UNIT is responsible for the chikdrens disappearance.                                                  

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