Update on Myself… the Highs and the Lows

Alright. So went to the doctor today. As of today im in a pinch. Why? I just took Orencia last Thursday. So I wouldnt be able to switch to something new for at least 30 days. Any other time of the year this would be fine. But Jess and I leave for Disney November 10th. I cant start anything new because of Disney. So I will be staying on Orencia at least for now. Yay… (sarcasm). So… whats the change? STEROIDS!!!! The one thing I absolutely do not want. But… it works. It takes the pain away. Right now im left with no other choice for the next 2 months. Let alone… the pain has been unbarable. But check this out. The Doc recommended a shot that is supposed to last 6 weeks… so it should get me through Disney. And she came me a prescription for the pills as well to take with me to Disney in the case the Orencia hasnt fully kicked in or the pain start to come back.

Now for the update… around 2pm which was around 2 hours after the shot… the pain was going away. Right now… 11 hours ago…. pain free. Now… right now its masking it. My hands are still swollen, and that will take time to go down… so lets see if this makes sense. In my head… I know there is pain there…. but my body says there is no pain. But omg… this feels wonderful. Hoping this trend continues.

So thats where im at. Im feeling good. Very tired still…its unreal how much the body really goes through when its in so much pain. I really never understood it till now. So yeah… hoping to get a decent sleep tonight and be able to wake up without rolling over the edge of the bed! LOL! And with this…. I leave this……………


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