Game of Thrones: Red Wedding Reaction

Seriously… WTH! I have not read the books. Honestly… I didnt even realize there were books till this episode. But on a side note… I now officially want to read the books now. Or at least read up till this point of the show. But forget about that for now…

WHAT THE HECK! Seriously! Who am I supposed to cheer for! Dont get me wrong…

there are still plenty, but House Stark is certainly in trouble. Its been a while where there has been a show that has literally shown no mercy to its story. Im trying to think of a show where events like this come close and all Ican think of is Dexter. And I dont even think that comes close at all! To me… House Stark is the good guys, and House Lannister is the bad guys. So as of right now… you have a handful of characters now that you care about.

Jon Snow


Id include Sansa in the list… but she seems she has always been one foot out the door since the story began, but speaking of Sansa. Now… there is one little soul on the Lannister side that has it right. Tyrion. Im curious to see what happens with him. Him and Snow are probably my two favorite characters in this whole show. To see something happen to them… well… crap. LOL

But now… did I like the little twist from the Wedding episode. Yes. I loved it. I think even though House Stark is in dire trouble, that it makes for great story telling. Im tired of stories where you have 10 good guys, and 10 bad guys and all of the bad guys die, and all 10 good guys live. A story like this… where is actually tests to see how much invested are they in the story does not come often. Too many people play it safe. I think Game of Thrones just payed off. I applaud them for taking the risk. Sticking with the book, and even TAKING IT UP A NOTCH with that first kill. That takes guts. No pun intended… dont want blasted for being rude or mean or… well… idc… LOL.

But for those who dont watch the show… like my wife… my reaction was a bit like above in the YouTube video. So enjoy!

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