Iron Man 3 Chit Chat – *Spoilers*

Iron Man 3 PosterOk… You are reading this because you have seen Iron Man 3 and either want to vent with me or wandering what I’m going to vent about? So if you have not seen this film. Get off your tush and go see it!

IRON MAN 3Iron Man 3 is a great flick. Lets get that out of the way. First half of the film? Brilliant! I loved that we got to see Tony Stark stripped down to nothing and he has to go all MacGyver and befriend a little boy to help him out. I loved the comedy in this. Thought for the most part in the first half of the film the comedy was spot on.

Iron Man 3Loved that FINALLY we get to see Rhodey AS Tonys best friend. It was touched a bit in two. But they fought more than “hey Tony! How are ya?”. And I loved how they kinda played a McGarrett and Danno in the film as well. No Iron Man. No War Machine or should I say… Iron Patriot. Lol. Have to be PC!

movietalk-ironman3-630-jpg_020858Ok the last bit of the film is one of the coolest action scenes I’ve seen in a long while. Honestly. It puts The Avengers action ending to shame. Yes I said it. (But still love the puny god bit the best still.) The airplane sequence was fantastic (Even though that was one of the first scenes they showed us of Iron Man 3) and Tony calling in all of his 42 Armors. That was just awesome.

3021401-iron-man-3-screen-56Now. The Marvel side of me. When Tony is shot out to the middle of no where. He is still able to talk to Jarvis for a bit before the suit loses power. Why doesn’t he call in one of his suits? Minor issue but ya can’t say he couldn’t have.

Iron_Man_3_screenshot_620x380Other issue. Where was the ACDC? The 80’s hard rock? Even The Avengers incorporated it into their movie! Again… Another small issue but what would you rather have? “Blue” or some “Back in Black”? I would say minor issue but we all know we cheered when we heard the iconic music over the radio in The Avengers.

mandarin-iron-man-3Now onto my two biggest gripes and ill go in order of how they were presented in the film. First off. THE MANDARIN IS NO ACTOR OR SOME STUPID GENETIC FIRE BREATHING DRAGON! That reveal just put a horrible taste in my mouth. Flat out. The Mandarin is to Iron Man what the Joker is to Batman. What Luther is to Superman. And you turn him into an actor? Sure interesting twist and I understand it. But don’t make the true bad guy a rip off if wolverine who breathes fire that calls himself the Mandarin.

iron-man-3-pepper-potts-1The second bit comes into two forms. And it’s more of the resolve I don’t like so stay with me. They turn Potts into one of them. Ok. Fine. I’m down with it. What I hate about it? Tony in the last couple minutes of the film finding a cure!!!!! I was actually looking forward to Potts maybe even becoming a Super Hero! The possibilities are endless! But instead… He somehow finds a cure. Then also allows them to work on him and fix him. I don’t mind Potts ultimately killing the super villain. But it did let out a bunch of air like… Well. You made it so simple and the whole previous battle ment nothing. Just a stall tactic.

IRON MAN 3Now. Final gripe. Why use the Mark 42 suit so much since it was basically in alpha form? Why not use one of the other suits? They can come to him like 42. Also… this is one of the coolest looking suits and it ends up being his worst one! Was just disappointed in that.

Even with these flaws. I thought the movie was great. It’s just the fan boy in me who keeps this from being the best.

If I had to rank them I’d go The Avengers, Iron Man, Iron Man 3, then Iron Man 2. I just think they snubbed the Mandarin which is a shame. Kinda how Bane was used in The Dark Knight Rises.

So there is it. My side of the story and I’m sticking to it!

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