The Need for Upgrades?

Today my wife and I get our new iPhones. We both started with the original iPhone. I got the iPhone 3G and ever since then every two years we have made the jump to the iPhone that came out at that time. So we both got the iPhone 4 and have been patiently waiting for the iPhone 5. But why? There is nothing wrong with our iPhone 4’s. Why do we always have the urge for when we are eligible for an upgrade… We jump in?

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I know not everyone does this. I know a couple people who are proud of there phone that only has the standard 12 buttons and what does it do? It actually makes a phone call folks! Or! Lets get even crazier! Some even have a small keyboard! Gotta love texting! But there are those who are happy with just what it does… Make a phone call.


But in this day in age… With the ability to work on the go. Check out your favorite team on your phone and either listen or watch the game. Even program your DVD at home so you don’t miss that one special episode of Dancing with the Stars or Big Brother. The reason most of us upgrade are for these reasons or another.

Me? Well… We switched from AT&T to Verizon because if the new iPhone is going to be able to do LTE… I want the fastest and most covered network if I’m making this jump. But the reason for my upgrading? I use my phone for music. I listen to either Spotify in my car or an online radio station like Air1. AT&T has been a punk lately with their 3G. I got throttled, and ever since then… My data speed has been blah. So I’m excited to be able to listen to music in the car without it dropping out… “Ooooooohhhhhhh were……..” Waiting…. Waiting…. “Halfway”…… Oh crap………. “There!!!!!!!” It gets annoying after a while…. Lol


But upgrading isn’t just phones anymore. We upgrade our Ty’s. Cars. Houses. Appliances…. Everything really. Sometimes it’s because it breaks or dies. Other times maybe its a special deal? Or maybe it’s just because you wanted to. It’s that moment… When we just want to… Where I try to think… Really? Do I really need it? Usually that voice isn’t in my head…. It’s my wife’s. but that’s why I married her. Se keeps me in check…. Most of the time. But the upgrade with these phones… It was a want. But we also wanted off of AT&T. We couldn’t take our iPhone 4’s with us because they wouldn’t work on Verizon. So we would have to buy a new phone anyways. I don’t know if I’m justifying… Ranting… Or just crazy… Maybe all the above! But one thing is for sure…. I’m excited for this new phone!

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