One of the Best Things About Being a Father

Its been a while since ive done a blog. Its kinda been busy on my end for a change. Last weekend was spent with the band, birthdays, and football. Throw in some Call of Duty online with bandmates as well. Our band, D2B, played out for the first time as a band which was a huge milestone for us. They even asked us to keep playing. Was shocked about that… lol.

So we come to today. Labor Day. How did I spend it. Well… kids were the best they have been in a long while. Evan played 360 most of the day. Brooke watched Netflix shows on the iPad. Jess worked. I watched the 8 episodes of this seasons Breaking Bad till it breaks for next summer and on a side note… you producers of the show… good work and BLAH you! So today was a relaxing day for us. We needed that for some reason. We had a busy weekend, but I think with school starting for both kids… Evan needed to decompress. I wanted Brooke to do what she wanted to do. So Labor Day was spent just relaxing and vegging out.

But you are probably wondering… what does this have to do with one of the best things about being a father? Well… let me get to that now. Tonight Brooke just did not want to go to bed. Usually she is such a Mommies girl, but tonight she wanted her father. So I had mixed feelings about it. I had 3 episodes to go on Breaking Bad, and desperately wanted to know what Walt was going to do next, but my daughter needed me.

So I took her upstairs and she just didnt want me to go. So I had two ways of thinking about this. One… do I get mad. Tell her to grow up. Then just leave. Or two? Be there for her. Knowing she could be┬ástalling. I decided to stay. She wanted to hold my hand while she laid there. Its then I realize how much I dont want my little girl to grow up. I want her to always need me. To always want me to hold her hand when she is scared. Its moments like these that make being a parent one of the best moments in your life. I know my daughter will grow up. I know she will still need me then. But hopefully… yes im going to say this… im going to have to hand her over to someone she loves, and its then I have to stand behind her and let her new love take care of her for the rest of her life. So these little moments I will cherish forever, and I will try my hardest to keep that little girl in her for as long as I possibly can.

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