Believe it or not… People are listening

Today I experienced something very interesting. But I will start with when I was getting gas this morning. So I get out of my car, swipe my card, pick the gas, and then start pumping my truck up. I then see the person who works there walking up to me. She says happy valentines day and hands me a mint. I found this very nice and thoughtful.

So there is a bit of background. So when I was checking out at target the cashier tells me to have a nice day. So I then returned back a happy valentines days. She seems to feel very appreciative of the small comment. But here is the interesting thing. Behind me was this lady and she then says to the cashier “I have not hear one person today say happy valentines day to anyone. That was a special moment”.

I guess the thing that got me was she hadn’t been wished it. So if your out and about. Hold a door open or do something small and wish them Happy Valentines day. Just do something nice for someone else. It could make there day.