Happy Thanksgiving

20121122-144430.jpgHappy Thanksgiving everyone! With the thought of today… The day where we think about what we are thankful for. A lot was sacrificed for us to be able to live here. Families leaving their own country and literally giving their own lives to begin a new life from England.

20121122-144535.jpgSometimes I think we forget about these freedoms and we take them for granted. Imagine not being able to go to Target and spend that un-needed $100 on stuff where in some countries the thought of just blowing money for no reason just isn’t a reality. Imagine your at work and your boss tells you that you must be put to death because you we’re talking about your own religion.

20121122-144639.jpgWe have fought and bled for this land we call home and I feel we all take this land for granted. Shoot… We even took it in blood and we have the nerve to complain when our food comes out a bit cold.

20121122-144807.jpgToday I’m thankful for my religious freedom. To be able to attend a church of my choosing. I am thankful for good friends that keep me afloat. I am thankful for modern medicine that allows me to be able to type this out. Most of all I am thankful for my family. They are my everything. My son. My daughter. And most of all. My lovely wife. But to top it off. I am thankful for my God.

Today overall was a good day. Buckeyes won in an amazing fashion becoming 11-0 going into Rivalry Weekend. So that was fun. Played some Halo 4 tonight and did real well. I give up on Call of Duty online. I can play Halo and get 22 kills and die 6 times where in Call of Duty its the other way around! I wish I could play more but alas…. Life gets in the way… Lol

So… In 7 days. Wow…. 7… We will be heading to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Just a tad bit excited about this. Its a tradition that we now have and now every year were able to go. Been looking forward to this since we returned last year! Reason being… We did a lot of things for Brooke… Nothing wrong with that at all, but when ya ride Pirates and Haunted Mansion only once… May have an issue.

So vacation is gonna rock. Can’t wait! Shortest 3rd paragraph I’ve done… Lol

– William Mason


Yesterday I was asked by my pastor to play guitar for a funeral. The funeral is for the parents who go to the contemporary service at Peace UMC. The other day their daughter was killed in a car accident. So I ask you to keep the family in your prayers. She was only 24…

Well. I’m just gonna say it. This could be one of he toughest things I may do up till this point in my life. I’ve never played guitar in this type of situation. I’m use to getting into it… and during practice tonight for it… I was already getting emotional. Were doing this song called “You are God Alone”.


This song is just so moving…

You are God alone, from before time began
You were on Your throne, You are God alone.
And right now, in the good times and bad
You are on Your throne, You are God alone.

You’re unchangeable (Unchangeable)
Unshakable (Unshakable)
Unstoppable (Unstoppable)
That’s who you are (That’s who you are)

Such beautiful words and music.

This blog is kinda mush. Jut have a lot on my mind and this may not make any difference. But two things left to say. If your reading this. After your done… tell your family you love them. Second. Drive safe. That’s all I ask.


-Willim Mason

Ready for Vacation

20121111-021525.jpgSeriously I am. This week wasnt one of the worst in my life. It also wasnt like it was even close. But it was definitely one where I’m glad to be rolling into Sunday with church, then LifeGroup later on that day. Sunday for the past year has been my Go-To day where… As selfish as this may sound… I need realigned some how. Whether its been my attitude. Whether its been just a crummy week and need a reboot. Sundays are my days to get my stuff together.

20121111-021631.jpgThe week started promising. But it wasnt till Tuesday that it all crashed down. I voted Romney. I wasnt shy of that. I picked the candidate that was best suited for myself. He was going to get rid of ObamaCare which I desperately need to become Casper and either turn into a ghost or become friendly. Why do I want it to disappear. Because they are going to limit the health insurance to $5,000 for medication. Some think… Oh. That’s generous! You shouldn’t complain about that. But how about the people with chronic diseases like me? My remicade treatment cost twice that amount a month! And I’m expected to be able to use $5,000 for the year. I can’t do that. So with Obama losing… Yeah… A bit of depression sank in.

20121111-021837.jpgThen Thursday I take my pup to the vet to get his shots so he could be boarded while we’re at Disney. He ended up having a horrible reaction to it. Won’t go into the details because I could barely handle it all. Say the least… My buddy had no energy. Only wanted to drink water and couldn’t let him. Didn’t want to eat. He gave me a huge scare. I’m one of those people who think of their pets as family. Colby is a great pup. He always wants to be around me. Dogs really are mans best friend.

20121111-021919.jpgSo I guess in the end it was just a crappy emotional week. They happen. Don’t get me wrong. Just makes me want to have my vacation in t-minus 14 days to get here much quicker!