20121028-002329.jpgIt’s funny… When I make a post to start my ramblings… WordPress asks me for a Title. At first I look at it and try to think of something, but then always go to categories and the into the body and tart plugging away. So this got me thinking… Why are titles so important?

Don’t get me wrong… If you spend 8-12 years to get that Md. You deserve that title. It’s when society starts placing titles on things that doesn’t need to be. Ok… Not with me… Example time…

I’m going to say a name and in your head… Give it a title…


Penn State





Seriously. Let that sink in.

20121028-001830.jpgIf you took the high road and said college. Good for you. Others I bet went a bit darker with it. And that’s what I’m saying. We’re talking one man who did an unthinkable thing and society decides to give Penn State a title. Ohio State had a title. Tats. T.P. you name it. Is this fair? Ask society that question. They will say no… But the same person will be laughing away at the girl who now has the title of whore because she had one bad night. Yeah… I went there because this is a serious issue. To me it’s up there with bullying. And in most cases. It’s the same thing.

Now I’m not trying to say this while I’m preaching from a pedal stool. I give titles as well. But I’m human. I try to at least acknowledge that fact while the other doesn’t care. I’ll admit when I’m wrong while the other is still laughing. Now I’m a guy… You may have to knock me around for it to make sense. But I do come around. Lol

20121028-001411.jpgI’m just saying all of this to hopefully make more people aware that titles can hurt. Sometimes they are hilarious but we need to find where that line is though. Sometimes we can see it plain as day. Others… Well… We may not see it till we have crossed that line. But when we cross it… We need to be strong enough to admit it and do the right thing.

Preview of Dreams

This is a preview of my work in progress… Dreams. I have been trying my best to write down the dreams I have been having in order to hopefully stop them, and/or understand them. This one is my latest dream and luckily I was able to remember it all. It was tough to write because of how “different” the dream was… so here ya go…

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