The Need for Upgrades?

Today my wife and I get our new iPhones. We both started with the original iPhone. I got the iPhone 3G and ever since then every two years we have made the jump to the iPhone that came out at that time. So we both got the iPhone 4 and have been patiently waiting for the iPhone 5. But why? There is nothing wrong with our iPhone 4’s. Why do we always have the urge for when we are eligible for an upgrade… We jump in?

20120925-111914 .jpg

I know not everyone does this. I know a couple people who are proud of there phone that only has the standard 12 buttons and what does it do? It actually makes a phone call folks! Or! Lets get even crazier! Some even have a small keyboard! Gotta love texting! But there are those who are happy with just what it does… Make a phone call.


But in this day in age… With the ability to work on the go. Check out your favorite team on your phone and either listen or watch the game. Even program your DVD at home so you don’t miss that one special episode of Dancing with the Stars or Big Brother. The reason most of us upgrade are for these reasons or another.

Me? Well… We switched from AT&T to Verizon because if the new iPhone is going to be able to do LTE… I want the fastest and most covered network if I’m making this jump. But the reason for my upgrading? I use my phone for music. I listen to either Spotify in my car or an online radio station like Air1. AT&T has been a punk lately with their 3G. I got throttled, and ever since then… My data speed has been blah. So I’m excited to be able to listen to music in the car without it dropping out… “Ooooooohhhhhhh were……..” Waiting…. Waiting…. “Halfway”…… Oh crap………. “There!!!!!!!” It gets annoying after a while…. Lol


But upgrading isn’t just phones anymore. We upgrade our Ty’s. Cars. Houses. Appliances…. Everything really. Sometimes it’s because it breaks or dies. Other times maybe its a special deal? Or maybe it’s just because you wanted to. It’s that moment… When we just want to… Where I try to think… Really? Do I really need it? Usually that voice isn’t in my head…. It’s my wife’s. but that’s why I married her. Se keeps me in check…. Most of the time. But the upgrade with these phones… It was a want. But we also wanted off of AT&T. We couldn’t take our iPhone 4’s with us because they wouldn’t work on Verizon. So we would have to buy a new phone anyways. I don’t know if I’m justifying… Ranting… Or just crazy… Maybe all the above! But one thing is for sure…. I’m excited for this new phone!

Phone Books

Ok… got to know. Do you still use a Phone Book? Me personally… I never touch one anymore. I either have my computer or my iPhone to look up numbers. But it never ceases to amaze me that almost every 3-6 months we get a new one! Let alone the size of these things!!!

Add a stick to the end of one of them. Instant weapon. Drop it from 10 feet. Instant guillotine. Put in a sling shot. Cannon ball! I mean seriously… these things are ridiculous!

This is my honest opinion. No BS here because we know this is a more serious topic than the presidential election. On a side note…. at the way this race is going… were better off holding a Hunger Games style Tournament for ALL of Capitol Hill. Last survivor. President of the US.

Ok… back to my honest opinion. Got sidetracked. But I think if you want a phone book. You call them up and your ordered one. That way it keeps cost down on it and those who want it will have it. Im tired of having to pick the stupid thing up and throwing it away. Maybe ill give it to Colby as a chew toy. Or maybe my wife could use it as a step stool for when I get a motorcycle. Im saying this to see if she actually reads these. If she just “Likes” it then we know she doesn’t read these… lol

NHL Lock Out…

This lock out is not going to be pretty. Nationwide Arena…. Kiss the All Star game goodbye. Not like the average joe could afford those flipping prices anyways. But at least we got a new scoreboard!

I would be fine with this lock out if both sides were trying. But to not meet the 12 hours before? Uncalled for. Just uncalled for. Bettman… Your killing the fans. You need to be stripped of your position because you are not willing to budge on anything!

It’s a good thing for me I’m more into college football this year because of Urban… Or I’d be going nuts now. Hope this lock out is quick… But I highly doubt it.

Tired and Only Myself to Blame

I don’t know why… but for the past week I haven’t been able to get to bed till like after 3am! Normally thats not a problem, but when you have to get back up at 7:15am to get someone on the bus. That lack of sleep start to slowly catch up on you. It has done that now. I am sooooo tired its not even funny. I just pounded some Starbucks with no effect. Last night it was playing Modern Warfare 3. The night before was TV Shows. Just don’t know why I do it. The funny thing is… I’ve been almost falling a sleep in my chair. So I don’t know if those little cat naps are the problem or not. Maybe… could be? I know my hands are starting to hurt again so I’m thinking about that a lot more.

On the bright side though. Tonight will be my daughters first “Offical” rock concert! Im so excited about this tonight. Manafest is playing out in Gahanna. To me its a can’t miss. I even blocked out the day from praise band! LOL! Brooke loves Manafest… so its going to be interesting on how she i going to deal with it tonight. She is either gonna love it or hate it.

So… iPhone 5 is coming out? Jess and I will be upgrading from our 4’s. Not 4s… but the FOUR. We’ve been eligible for an upgrade since January, so we have been waiting a while for this to come out. Its sad… the thing I’m most looking forward to is the camera. The 4s I guess was real nice. The camera on the Four isn’t all that great to be honest. So this is going to come in handy when Disney comes. I may not even pack my SLR, and just use my iPhone. So I’m excited for it. The LTE is another thing I’m looking forward to. Its just blanketed all over Ohio. So thats going to be a nice little feature as well.

Ok… I’m done talkin for now. Im gonna try to be better and post more. Gonna try… lol! With that… I leave you with some Manafest!

One of the Best Things About Being a Father

Its been a while since ive done a blog. Its kinda been busy on my end for a change. Last weekend was spent with the band, birthdays, and football. Throw in some Call of Duty online with bandmates as well. Our band, D2B, played out for the first time as a band which was a huge milestone for us. They even asked us to keep playing. Was shocked about that… lol.

So we come to today. Labor Day. How did I spend it. Well… kids were the best they have been in a long while. Evan played 360 most of the day. Brooke watched Netflix shows on the iPad. Jess worked. I watched the 8 episodes of this seasons Breaking Bad till it breaks for next summer and on a side note… you producers of the show… good work and BLAH you! So today was a relaxing day for us. We needed that for some reason. We had a busy weekend, but I think with school starting for both kids… Evan needed to decompress. I wanted Brooke to do what she wanted to do. So Labor Day was spent just relaxing and vegging out.

But you are probably wondering… what does this have to do with one of the best things about being a father? Well… let me get to that now. Tonight Brooke just did not want to go to bed. Usually she is such a Mommies girl, but tonight she wanted her father. So I had mixed feelings about it. I had 3 episodes to go on Breaking Bad, and desperately wanted to know what Walt was going to do next, but my daughter needed me.

So I took her upstairs and she just didnt want me to go. So I had two ways of thinking about this. One… do I get mad. Tell her to grow up. Then just leave. Or two? Be there for her. Knowing she could be stalling. I decided to stay. She wanted to hold my hand while she laid there. Its then I realize how much I dont want my little girl to grow up. I want her to always need me. To always want me to hold her hand when she is scared. Its moments like these that make being a parent one of the best moments in your life. I know my daughter will grow up. I know she will still need me then. But hopefully… yes im going to say this… im going to have to hand her over to someone she loves, and its then I have to stand behind her and let her new love take care of her for the rest of her life. So these little moments I will cherish forever, and I will try my hardest to keep that little girl in her for as long as I possibly can.