Welcome to Buckeye City! Yes! Finally! After the horror that Buckeye Fans had to deal with last year… we finally get to see the light. Its the start of a new era. Once he was a most hated coach by us Buckeye City fans, but now… he is all ours! The start of the Urban Era! Urban Meyers!

If you look at the paper for this season… there is no reason for us BC fans to be excited for this season. We have NO reason to even watch this season, but Urban gives us that reason. He is going to make us a Dark Horse in the Big Ten. Were going to mess up peoples records. We are going to ruin some chances for some schools to go to the National Title game. This is the reason why we watch this year. Not for us to go undefeated (Which… don’t get me wrong… would be AWESOME) but for us to mess up our competition!

You can ask my wife. I have been looking more forward to Ohio State kickoff than I have for Blue Jackets hockey. That should say an awful lot to be honest! As of the past couple years… its been Hockey First, OSU Basketball, and then OSU Football. I think for the first time since Eddie played… OSU Football is #1 in my priorities for TV domination! Its not because of the imposing lockout for hockey… its just Urban Meyer gives me that much excitement for this football team. The man could coach anyone into being some of the best players on the college level! Ill probably get in trouble for this comment, but the best example of this is Tim Tebow. Seriously… he is not a Top Ten QB in the NFL right now. He isn’t the best scrambler. But Meyer turned that boy into a superstar in College. He made Tebow look amazing!

Noon can’t come any sooner. This season is going to be amazing, and I just can’t wait to see what Meyer can do with this team. We may not have a 13-0 Season… but if we ruin some chances for other schools? It will have been a great year!


School has officially started for the Mason Clan. Evan started last Wednesday and I think he is ready for summer again! He absolutely did not want to go back to school. It wasn’t for reasons of being scared. Wasn’t for the reason of a new classroom with teacher. He just didn’t want to give up his late nights. His games. Pokemon.

He says he is fine with it all now. But you can tell he isn’t. He misses his freedom to do what he wants and I don’t blame him.

Kids these says have so much to entertain themselves. I know me growing up I looked forward to Saturday Morning Cartoons. Now… They are everywhere!

For me. I’m glad summer is coming to an end. I love fall. Falls means Ohio State Football. Start of the NHL. Halloween. Thanksgiving! Disney!!!

So for me. I’m down with fall. Lots to look forward to!

A Bunch of Additions to my Blogs Site

The title says it all folks. I have added a bunch of new and useless thing to my blog! Added a new “Share” feature for those who use other things besides Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t see yours, or one you do use… just hit me up and I can add it. I just enabled what seemed logical for the time. Not like anything I would say would get posted elsewhere! HA!

Over on the left hand side you will see a couple more additions. The top most is a link to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Most of the people who read this usually see this on my FB because I have it linked fully with comments going both ways. But just in case you don’t know about it. Well… there it is! Hit me up on either! I get bored sometimes…….

Also… below that… oh yes. More annoying things! You can see the last 5 songs I’ve listened to. Kinda like on my FB… but less annoying… heh!

Lastly… the last couple things ill include together. One was I was having a serious memory issue. That has been solved. So now the blog should be fully functional with no hiccups. Which is always a plus. Because of this… you can sign up on my blog to comment. You can either link your Facebook I believe and/or just sign up. Whats new is you can finally upload your own avatar, or also known as a picture representing yourself. So that is now working which is nice.

More updates will probably come… maybe a different Theme, but I’m enjoying the guitars for now. So yeah… ill talk about whats going through my head later tonight because I have a bunch of stuff I can talk about….! For now… I leave you with this picture…

And ill leave you with a video of my Pug… Colby!

Movies and Death

Some knew a couple weeks ago I was able to get passes for four people to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Well… We weren’t able to see it that day but they gave us passes to see it at a later date. Well… Today is that later day. Now I haven’t seen the movie but I know what happens at the end. Also… I think it’s quite obvious.

But here is the DL. Have you seen the YouTube clip of these two kids after they saw the movie? I’m on my iPhone but I’ll find a way to post it on here for you to check out. If you haven’t seen it… You don’t know whether to cry with them, laugh at them, or maybe it’s just mean parents. But they were genuinely crying their little hearts out because of this movie.

After seeing that I got in my head… I can’t let Brooke see this yet. I don’t want her questioning life and how everything kinda recycles itself. But Jess convinced me that she should be fine. It’s funny… I’m questioning a Disney movie when she has seen Spiderman, The Avengers, and The Dark Knight Rises. That was just this summer! Lol

So yeah… It could get interesting tonight, or all will be fine. For now… Just gonna take the kids to a movie and dinner afterwards! Joking for a nice evening.

For now… Here is a link to the video. When I get home. I’ll embed it.


Transitions are never fun. Especially when you try to prepare for it. Me? I’m trying to save up for a new pedal for playing music. I am wanting the Boss GT-100. The pedal I have currently is a Boss GT-6. It’s a very nice pedal and if I could keep it I would. But I need to sell it to get the new one which stinks.

So I’m going to put it up on eBay. I feel I’ll get what I want out of it but here is the problem. If I sell it now. I have no pedals. So this is where trying to prepare for the transition kicks in. I decided for the time being I’m going to get individual pedals and ride the wave till I can get my new board.

Best Buy had a pedal pack for $23 bucks yesterday. Came with three pedals. Distortion, Delay, and a tuner. It was a price I couldn’t deny. They are from Behringer so I wasn’t sure. Asked my buddy Kevin about them and he sent me to YouTube. Found them in YouTube and I was surprised with the sounds. For the price and the sound. They would get me through the transition very easily.

So yeah… Hoping this works out. Don’t see why not. Just a matter of time I guess. Lol.