Man of STEEL

Seriously… I have not been this excited for anything Superman related since he was killed off in the comics! This new take on Superman looks AMAZING! Forget that abomination that was Superman Returns… (But Kevin Spacey was a pretty awesome Lex though…) this take on such an iconic hero looks to be what we want and need.

With Marvel tearing up the screen with their Avenger hero’s… all we get this summer is Iron Man. While one group loved the movie, and the other group was a little mystified on certain elements of it… it was still a great start to this summers movie attractions. But for me… everything leads to Man of Steel. Ever since I heard Nolan was attatched to this… I just knew Superman was finally in good hands. That we wouldnt get a say… “Indy 4” and lets reference the South Park Episode “The China Probrem”. Nolan respects the comics and also respects us fans as well.

I guess the reason im writing this is that I saw the Nokia Trailer for Man of Steel and was just blown away! This trailer is ACTION PACKED beyond belief! My fear is that it ends up being one of those trailers that has shown you everything. But knowing Snyder and Nolan… that isnt the case. But anyways… here below is the trailer for it. Be amazed! Seriously… cant wait! Get to see this movie with my bud Seth. Seth is my movie buddy. w00t!

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Simon Pegg Talks Star Wars – IGN

There was an article I ran into today from IGN regarding the upcoming Star Wars movies that in a way made sense… but also didn’t. Here is the excerpt from the article:


“What will he bring to the franchise? Everything that was missing from the last three,” enthuses Pegg in the latest issue of Total Film. That’s what he did to Star Trek, really – invigorate it with a little bit of Star Wars magic. He switched it from science-fiction to science-fantasy.”Pegg goes on to describe Star Wars as being in a “mire,” and stresses that Abrams is the man to “pull it out.”“He’ll bring the fun back. Lucas seemed to misread what made the first ones great, and concentrate on things that people didnt really care about, or wilfully ignore the things that people cared about. Whereas J.J. will embrace them all.

via Simon Pegg Talks Star Wars – IGN.


Ok. Hang with me here before the flames start coming. I am going to talk about both sides of this. While a lot of Star Wars fans almost say that Episodes 1-3 should almost be struck from the record, that Jar Jar needs to be stricken from the movies, and that the whiny little brat that would soon become the most feared villain in the universe was portrayed wrong.

Now dont get me wrong. I agree with most of these statements. I did enjoy the 3 films though. Yes… the boy was annoying. Yes… I think Jar Jar should be struck down with a light saber. But who are we to say these movies should had been different?

George Lucas said he had an outline for these on a napkin. He knew in his head what he wanted to do with his movies. Note the key word in that sentence. “His”. Why should Lucas cater to us? The fan base. This was his baby. It would be like us telling someone how to raise their kids? Yeah… we might think they could do something different, but when its all said and done… our opinion doesnt matter.

Now… I wish Lucas would had listened more to the fan feedback. He started to near the end, but to promote Jar Jar to such a high level? Really? Thats how you want to get rid of him for us? But in all… it doesnt matter. Lucas wanted to make what he wanted and he did it.

Now that Disney owns Star Wars… we will get what we want. They will listen to us. With Abrams behind this next one. Were going to get that Star Wars feelings back and im excited about that. But I honestly think we have no right to tell Lucas he did it wrong. It was his brainchild. His universe. But now he has handed over the reigns and now the fans should be able to get what they want.

Personally im holding out for the ORIGINAL Episodes 4-6 without the tampering from Lucas in HD… heh

Movies and Death

Some knew a couple weeks ago I was able to get passes for four people to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Well… We weren’t able to see it that day but they gave us passes to see it at a later date. Well… Today is that later day. Now I haven’t seen the movie but I know what happens at the end. Also… I think it’s quite obvious.

But here is the DL. Have you seen the YouTube clip of these two kids after they saw the movie? I’m on my iPhone but I’ll find a way to post it on here for you to check out. If you haven’t seen it… You don’t know whether to cry with them, laugh at them, or maybe it’s just mean parents. But they were genuinely crying their little hearts out because of this movie.

After seeing that I got in my head… I can’t let Brooke see this yet. I don’t want her questioning life and how everything kinda recycles itself. But Jess convinced me that she should be fine. It’s funny… I’m questioning a Disney movie when she has seen Spiderman, The Avengers, and The Dark Knight Rises. That was just this summer! Lol

So yeah… It could get interesting tonight, or all will be fine. For now… Just gonna take the kids to a movie and dinner afterwards! Joking for a nice evening.

For now… Here is a link to the video. When I get home. I’ll embed it.